Annie Burns-Pieper, 2017 Roving Reporter, reports from Madagascar











How a White House reversal affects a village in Madagascar
On an island where 10 women a day die from complications from pregnancy and childbirth, the funding cutoff by USAID because of its new abortion rules can have serious consequences.

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Trump changes to foreign aid restricting access to family planning services in poorest countries
Reinstatement of Mexico City Policy bars U.S. funding for organizations that perform or advocate for abortion

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End to “confusion and fear”? Madagascar set to update colonial-era family planning laws
Abortion is illegal in Madagascar, but clandestine terminations are performed regularly

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The plague is spreading rapidly in Madagascar, which already had highest number of cases worldwide
Between 2010 and 2015, Madagascar accounted for about 82% of the deaths from plague worldwide

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Corbett Hancey, 2016 Roving Reporter bursary winner, reports from Lebanon for the Toronto Star

ARSAL, LEBANON—A frigid wind rips across the mountaintop as Col. Ahmed Assir, a commander in the Lebanese Army’s Ninth Infantry Brigade, peers into the valley below. The restive town of Arsal lies at the bottom, inside an army cordon set up two years ago after a brief Daesh takeover.

By Corbett Hancey
Special to the Star
Jan. 29, 2017

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Corbett’s dispatch appears just as the Gordon Sinclair Foundation launches the competition for the 2017 Gordon Sinclair Roving Reporter Bursary. The $15,000 bursary was created in memory of Gordon Sinclair, who made his name gallivanting around the world for the Toronto Star in the 1930s. At a time when most news organizations have cut back on travel, the Gordon Sinclair Roving Reporter Bursary is meant to support a major research and reporting trip by an early career Canadian journalist who has within the past five years graduated from one of Canada’s university-level journalism programs. The purpose of the $15,000 bursary is to encourage a young journalist to get off the beaten track and to spend a considerable period – a minimum of six weeks – away on a reporting assignment.