How to Apply

Applicants must download and complete the application form below. The form requires submission of the following:

  • a statement of intent not exceeding 500 words describing the applicant’s suitability for the bursary and details of the proposed reporting project;
  • a simple proposed budget outlining how the $15,000 bursary would be used for such expenses as travel, lodging, interpretation services if required or basic equipment. It is understood that these figures would be estimates but the proposed project should also be feasible on a total budget of $15,000.
  • a current CV;
  • the link to an online portfolio providing several examples of the applicant’s journalistic work;
  • names and contact information for two referees who will be contacted directly by the Gordon Sinclair Foundation.

Applicants who work full-time with a media organization must include a letter from an editor who is in a position to guarantee that a leave of absence of a minimum of six weeks would be granted for the applicant to take up the reporting trip if selected for the bursary.